Dubby Breaks – Audiovisual DJ Mix

In recent times I’ve been experimenting with ways to use video content alongside the music. Part of this experimentation has had me tinkering with the amazing Touchdesigner software by Derivative. This video was generated in real-time by a Touchdesigner network that I hacked together. It listens to the music and signals from my dj equipment and then animates the visuals in a semi-random manner with the information it collects. Maybe it looks a bit rainbow-pukey in parts, but overall I’m happy enough with the result to share it with you.

The music in this mix is dub-influenced breakbeat. A sound that never gets tired and always has me throwing shapes from behind the decks. I hope you enjoy it!

1. Noodlegun by Freefall Collective
2. Ayahuasca Deep Fall by Gaudi
3. Rockers Version by Acid Rockers
4. Rockers Delight by Tayo
5. University Of Dub by Def Inc
6. Bloodline (Dub) by Tayo vs Acid Rockers
7. Sweet Reggae Music by Strange Rollers
8. Warrior Charge 2000 by Jinx In Dub
9. Tectonic Dubplate by Deep Friend Dub
10. Policeman & Soldier by Noisiboi
11. West London’s Burning (Klaus ‘Heavyweight’ Hill Mix) by Dogtown Clash
12. Jamaican Oldskool by Davip & 3D Stas
13. Urban Rebel Dub by Borther Culture & Youth In Dub
14. Afrika (6Blocc Steppers VIP) by Skanx
15. Jah Know (Backdraft Remix) by Darkus
16. In Your Eyes (Kickback Remix) by Johnny Osbourne
17. Give Me A Dubplate by Freestylers

*audio only mix available on Miixcloud