Technology is finally making childhood dreams achievable without even needing to leave the house. I woke up one morning and decided to build a green screen set in our living room. I hired a camera and filmed myself djing in front of it. A few days tinkering later I had my very own cheesy CG music video. Just like the ones I used to see on Saturday morning TV in the early 90’s. 🙂

Mixing some of my favourite bass-heavy breakbeat, the video features music from Zed’s Dead, Drumattic Twins, North Base, Bassbin Twins, Twins Break, Ribs & IG88, Freefall Collective and Wizard. There’s a few loops and scratches thrown in for good measure too.

Rave – Zeds Dead
LFO Soup – Drumattic Twins
Jammin – North Base
Woppa – Bassbin Twins
F*ck You – Twins Break
The Illest – Ribs & IG88
Game Control – Freefall Collective
The Coming Storm (acapella) – The Freestylers
Mind Control – Wizard ft Rebel MC, Tenor Fly & Daddy Freddy