I’ve been sitting on this mix for a little while now. I’d wanted to put together a short, scratch-heavy breaks set (a la Red Bull Thre3style) and shoot a video of my performance. So I spent time preparing this mix and practicing it over and over again in anticipation of the time I’d get to record it on film…
And now it’s months later and not only did I manage to smash my only semi-decent video camera, but I haven’t got round to asking anyone else to film it for me.
So rather than just let all the preparation and practice go to waste, I thought I’d try putting it out as an audio-only dj mix.

So, here we have fifteen minutes filled to the brim with room-shaking 808s, heavyweight breakbeats and filthy noises. All cut and scratched together by myself on a pair of turntables.

The mix also features a sick scratch solo from DJ Buttahingaz who happened to be in the studio with me as I was recording. (And puts my lame-ass cuts to shame!)


Lethalness – Glow Stick
Skrillex – Squad Out!
Skrillex – Squad Out! (Marten Horger & Karol Tip Remix)
DJ Hero – Listen To The Drummer
Marten Horger – Baduka
DJ Icey – Sub Zero
D-Bass – Show Me What You Got (Stanton Warriors Edit)
Feed Me – Rat Trap (Rel-1 Re-Dub)
Curtis B – WTF
Plump DJs – Like A Boulder
Kuplay – Homeboy
What – STFU